Autonomous weapons systems and International Law: a study on human-machine interactions in ethically and legally sensitive domains

Aziz Tuffi Saliba, Lutiana Valadares Fernandes Barbosa


Humanity has long discussed its relationship with autonomous devices. In 1797 Goethe wrote a poem that describes a sorcerer's apprentice who bewitched a broom to do his job of fetching water. However, the broom multiplies and escapes out of his control, causing flooding. Only his master, upon return, is able to break the spell. Similar to Goethe's bewitched brooms, Autonomous Weapons Systems (AWS) might behave in unexpected ways. The human role in the human-AWS interaction, named "Meaningful Human Control" (MHC), is an undetermined concept that is on the light spot both of the scholarship and States as a possible venue to address some of AWS's challenges. Throughout the book "Autonomous Weapons Systems and International Law". Daniele Amoroso discusses the central legal debates on AWS and provides a compelling normative model to contribute to regulating those weapons concerning MHC.

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